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he modern IoT era has already begun, from domestic premises to public places, intelligence end devices featuring embedded systems are almost everywhere. Yet, behind the blooming IoT technology advancement, the market lacks a solution that is able to integrate various protocols and data standards. “To unleash the full potential of IoT, the top priority should be establishing an open API framework to facilitate data sharing. Businesses can therefore be allowed to manage various IoT devices simply through a one-stop application.” said Lucas Mo Tsun-ming, the Chief Operating Officer of NineSmart and technine.

From Cloud-based Access Control to IoT Management Platform

The Business Research Company revealed that the IoT market size is expected to reach US$926.6 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 23.3% by 2026, showcasing its great potential. 

Doubtless, IoT is set to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, it has however in turn created some tricky challenges. The IoT mechanism is as complicated as the human nervous system – there are eyes to sense, nerves to communicate and muscles to react. In such a closely-connected ecosystem, if every sensor has its own protocols and standards, not only does it hinder effective data interchange, but it also adds unnecessary repair and maintenance costs.

IoT Analytics discovered that there had been over 600 IoT solutions providers worldwide as of 2019, each with different sets of protocols and the number is still counting. In other words, “over fragmentation” is currently the biggest bottleneck for IoT. With the sole purpose of creating added-value to hardware with software, NineSmart started developing IoT-related software and IoT devices management platform in light of this direction. Afterall, the ultimate goal is to allow businesses to better allocate resources in strategic aspects instead of purchasing the basic infrastructure, ensuring the entire digital transformation is more cost-effective.